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For our June newsletter I thought I’d try to create some fun by putting together a few riddles for you to solve. As we move into the summer season, hopefully with time to spend in leisure and vacation, please keep Apostles and our members in your thoughts and prayers. May God’s grace grant you time for recreation and re-creation this Summer season, and may the joy of life all around be a blessing to you and your loved ones.

I help to carry lunch or snacks,

The ball just passes through,

Maybe I’ll hold a nice bouquet

A loved one gives to you.



The diaries of Anne Hathaway,

A discomforting pea,

A frog that is not quite a frog

All have to do with me.



A ruthless version, either way,

Perhaps a baseball star,

Or even for the younger folk

Maybe a candy bar.



I need a source if I am to

Meander north or south

I change my channel over time

But never close my mouth.



A mummy is what I am now,

But what was I back when

I lived and breathed and surveyed all

The land I managed then?



You draw me, but I never show

A picture or design,

You take me but I never move,

I’ll leave you smelling fine.



My great-grandmother, long ago,

Had children, don’t you see?

Her child’s child had some more,

So, what is she to me?



Now, take all of the answers to these riddles and put them together, and use them as clues to a well-known story from the Bible. The answers will be given in the next newsletter. Have fun.