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What does the season of Summer mean to you? Normally, we may think of vacations, more leisure time, moments grilling and sitting on the deck/patio, a more laid-back time of the year. Perhaps, for our avid gardeners, you might think of flowers which bloom at particular times of the year, the rich diversity of colors carried by the plants around us, the vegetables growing out back. Tomato growers, don’t you wait with bated breath for that first ripe tomato of the year? Sweet corn, berries, ripe fruit off of the trees, fresh green beans or broccoli or bell peppers all catch our attention as they grow into maturity, a cornucopia of colors and flavors that brighten our dinner tables. Sport fans follow their favorite baseball teams while this year we await the beginning of the Summer Olympics. Hikes along trails or in the mountains, bicycle excursions, fishing at the local creek or pond, home projects or visits from family or friends catch the attention of many. Perhaps amusement parks or water parks or time at the pool enliven your days. Whatever Summer means to you, here’s hoping you take the time to see the wonder of God’s creation. This amazing world with which God has gifted us is amazing, and Summer provides us with ample opportunity to notice the teeming life which we find all around us. The beauty is breathtaking if we simply spend a few moments noticing it. Here's hoping you see God’s love in the abundant life of Summer. Here’s hoping that you also find time for recreation and recreation. Even if you sit on your porch with an iced tea or go no farther than your back yard this season, the joys of God’s creation  surround you. Whatever gives you relaxation and relief from the toils of life, my hope is that you will find God in the slower pace moments this Summer can bring. Also, my hope is that this season will bring you re-creation, a renewal of your spirit and a deepening of your faith in the God who blesses us so much. May this insight bring you quietness of Spirit and a deeper appreciation of the God who walks with us and who gives us the gift of time to enjoy the many blessings which touch us.

Here are the answers to last month’s riddle.
1. Basket
2. Princess
3. Babe
4. River
5. Pharoah
6. Bath
7. Mother
The Story of Moses in the basket in the Nile River.