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One is not righteous who does much, but the one who, without work, believes much in Christ. The law says, 'Do this,' and it is never done. Grace says, 'Believe in this,' and everything is already done.

~Martin Luther

Summer break is a wonderful time to re-orient oneself during the middle of the year. We at Apostles have been planning and preparing for the return to in-person ministry for the greater part of a year. Now that we are back in our building, there in lies the lingering question. What now? We have endured loss and suffered through panic, but we have also grown and learned much about how to survive during a Pandemic. There are people who are ready to get back out there in the world: taking trips, going to the movies, worshiping in an actual building. There are people who are not quite ready to explore the great beyond their front porches. These are all valid sentiments at a time such as this when the world is becoming reacquainted with a new sense of normalcy.

Still, we at Apostles Lutheran have chosen to embrace the abnormal in a sense. This July, we kicked off our Seasons of Stewardship campaign with Summer, which focuses on the Administration Team. The first month began with a presentation on July 18th. This month, Summer continues with an invitation to volunteer hours, innovation, and funding to support the ministry of our Church. There are several opportunities that offer training and assistance, from property maintenance to communications, there is a place for you. We can expect a time, talent, and treasure sheet to be in our bulletin this month. Speaking of which, we thank Janet Gomez for stepping up to ensure that our bulletin is devotedly assembled and wonderfully informational each Sunday. Her faithful service is coming to an end this September. We are seeking someone who will assist in this aspect of our ministry before September 5th arrives. One thing that no one has to wait for is a good review. If you have a Gmail account and are connected to the internet, then feel free to Google search Apostles Lutheran Church in Gloucester, Va. We currently have three reviews, one of which vaguely references to the ministry of Apostles. Leave a positive review about why you love Apostles Lutheran then visit our website. Or just add 5 stars because that is our current rating. Remember, there is enough negativity in the world. Our faith inspires us to act out in love. Take care and enjoy your Summer.

In God’s Abiding Love,
The Reverend Jeniffer Tillman,
Mission Developer