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“Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.”

 —Proverbs 13:11

Well, we finally made it to a new year. Can you believe that it’s been two years since the Lockdown of 2022? We’re not out of the woods with this virus; however, that has not stopped the world from turning. We at Apostles have experienced two season of stewardship vitality with our Administration and Service and Sharing Teams presenting,  inviting, and celebrating both Summer and Autumn back in 2021. We now have the pleasure to experience the Winter and Spring with our Caring Communities and Worship Teams at the helm. I for one am excited to celebrate our first Youthled Worship this year!

We will be entering the Season of Epiphany soon, and with it, I have a bit of a request. If you are reading this article, then please wear something yellow on January 9th when I return. Don’t share this request with anyone as I want to see how many of you have read this article when we worship together. Wink.

Speaking of requests, I have some very good news to share with you. As I am writing this, students have been given the opportunity to postpone or pay down their Student Loans at 0% interest between now and either May 2022 or October 2022. That being said, I have only $38,000.00 to pay down as of January 2022. I have a very good feeling that paired with the Lifeline Fund of $5,000.00 next year with my own monthly contributions, I will be able to completely pay off my  student Loans by the end of this year. I greatly appreciate your past and future contributions to helping me achieve this goal. Thank you!

I hoped that you would be able to celebrate the New Year’s Banquet this year, but due to Omicron being the newest big bad viruses at the moment, I pray that you were at least able to enjoy some variation of this celebration during my absence on January 2nd. I’m looking forward to reading your three responses! Take care of each other for now as we usher in this new year together.

               “I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
               And what I assume you shall assume,
           For every atom belonging to me as good
                          belongs to you.”

                                     ~Walt Whitman,
                                     “Song of Myself” (1892 version)

In God’s Abiding Love,

Pastor Jeniffer Tillman
Mission Developer