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So Sarah laughed to
herself as she thought,
"After I am worn out and
my LORD is old, will I
now have this pleasure?”
—Genesis 18:12

It’s been one year since that dreaded Ides of March when we entered into Lockdown. Looking back, I remember us transitioning from sipping to dipping only with Common Cup Communion. I once wrote how I would rather take on something productive as opposed to fasting. While I still believe this principle, there are only so many masks and stage plays a person can create in social isolation. I digress. We are on the precipice of a return to normalcy with the number each person who receives a vaccination. Like Sarah, who doubted the possibility of birth due to her age, we may yield to the disbelief of such hope. However, like the birth of Isaac, hope has not died. We will be together in person one day, even though we do not know when that day will come. Have faith that God has never abandoned us. God will never abandon us. Take care and do not lose sight of that better tomorrow, which is made possible with each present day.

“One of my greatest lessons has been to fully
understand that what looks like a dark patch in
the quest for success is the universe pointing
you in a new direction. Anything can be a
miracle, a blessing, an opportunity if you
choose to see it that way.”

~Oprah Winfrey, What I Know For Sure

In God’s Abiding Love,
The Reverend Jeniffer Tillman,
Mission Developer