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Have you ever watched The Amazing Race? Well, the Race is currently in their 32nd season and they have raced one million miles!!!! In the 32nd season, the globe-trotting teams began their adventure from the iconic Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, and travelled to their first destination, Trinidad and Tobago. Along the route, teams travelled to France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Brazil and more. The team that crossed the finish line first was crowned the winners of THE AMAZING RACE and the $1 million prize. WOW!! Well, coming shortly to Gloucester, Virginia, it's the Amazing Grace Race. Yes, you heard right - the Amazing Grace Race will be held right here in Gloucester on Saturday, May 1st, from noon to an estimated time of 4:00 PM.
Teams from Apostles will be competing with teams from Abingdon Episcopal Church for wonderful prizes. While specific details about the Race are currently being planned, we need to know if you and your family and/or friends would like to be a team - each team is allowed one car (drivers have to be over the age of 18). We also need at least 10 people to oversee the challenges and take pictures and people to provide food for the finish line which will be at Abingdon Episcopal Church.
COVID-19 measures will be required (masking, everything outdoors, etc.) and challenges will include some walking and moving around, but physical activity will be limited and be non-strenuous.
Please e-mail Ingrid Peterson if you are interested in being a part of the FIRST AMAZING GRACE RACE (