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What are the Jubilee churches??
Jubilee churches of Gloucester is a coalition of local congregations (14 so far and growing) that have joined together to serve those in our community in need. We provide help to those individuals and families that have needs which the social service agencies can’t provide. It is our hope that by working together we can coordinate our efforts and avoid duplication of services by individual churches. By combining resources we can meet needs that are beyond the ability of any one congregation to supply.

What does this mean for Apostles?
At our annual meeting, the congregation voted to commit half of the mission outreach fund to needs within our community. The Service and Sharing Ministry Team, which oversees this fund, plans to allocate the remainder of this year’s fund to needs that come before the Jubilee coalition.

What does this mean for YOU?
The Jubilee coalition is also providing services to victims of domestic violence. We are looking for volunteers for the following areas:
(1) Victim Transportation. Domestic violence situations can arise at any time. Volunteering in this capacity would allow a case worker to call you for assistance in transporting a victim either from their home to an emergency shelter (generally in Williamsburg) or from the shelter location to the courthouse. These volunteers are generally women.
(2) Victim Relocation. During a domestic violence dispute, victims will often need help moving to a new location. This can be to an emergency shelter or to a new residence. At any point in the process, a victim’s personal belongings may need to be moved out of their former residence. We need individuals with trucks who are willing to help victims move.
(3) Pet Fostering. One of the leading causes for an individual to remain in a domestic violence situation is the inability for the individual to bring their pet to an emergency shelter. By “fostering” a victim’s pet, we would give victims of domestic violence peace of mind that their furry friend is being cared for while they get the help and support they need.

If you think you can help, please contact Pete or Betsy Liljeberg, Janet Gomez, or Pastor
Jay. Your neighbors need you!
(Editor’s Note—the next meeting of the Jubilee Churches of Gloucester will be Wednesday, September 13th, at 9:30 AM at Newington Baptist Church on Main Street.)