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Anyone feeling called to serve as a lay preacher or a Synod Authorized Minister will use ONE application process, which has gone live. The Virginia Synod launched a re-formed Lay Ministry Formation Program combining the Lay Preaching Academy and the Synod Authorized Ministry Formation Program into one, 2-part lay ministry leadership education and formation program. You can indicate whether you feel called to serve as a lay preacher or a SAM or are unsure. The roles and responsibilities of commissioned lay preachers and Synod Authorized Ministers (SAMs) will not change. The only changes are in the formation process for these lay ministry leadership positions. Applications are due by September 30, 2023—go to
(Editor’s note—this is a WONDERFUL program—I was commissioned as a Lay Preacher at the Synod Assembly in June—I will be preaching for the first time at Apostles on Sunday, September 17th—I would LOVE to talk to you about this program if you are interested! Janet Gomez)